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Creative Europe Desks: your gateway to the Creative Europe Program


  • Interested in finding out more about the European Creative Europe Program?

  • Thinking of applying for European funding but not sure where to start?

  • Looking for project partners?

Established so far in 38 countries, the Creative Europe Desks are your gateway to the EU Creative Europe Program. The Creative Europe Desks promote European initiatives in the field of audiovisual and culture and facilitate participation in the Creative Europe program.

The provided services include:

  • Free information and guidance on how to access funding opportunities under the Creative Europe Program

  • Regular updates on audiovisual and culture related issues at European level.

  • Networking support facilitating contact between cultural operators in different countries and partner finding opportunities.


At work in your home country CED bring the Creative Europe program to you through:

  • Targeted info days, workshops, seminars

  • Informative websites with all the latest news

Creative Europe Desks can help you develop your project, prepare your funding application and build international partnerships.

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