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About Cyprus Music Information Centre


Cyprus Music Information Centre (CyMIC) was established in 2008 by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation, with the purpose to promote and encourage development, production and appreciation of the music created by Cypriot composers and musicians.

CyMIC aims to establish itself as the primary provider of specialized information, publications and music scores about the whole range of Cyprus music. End-users of CyMIC resources are the composers, performers, orchestras, music researchers, as well as music educators and students. For the purposes of music education in particular, a broad range of information sources are being developed.

CyMIC also provides information about the local music scene to Cyprus music audiences, contributes to the broader cultural development, promotes the achievements of Cypriot music artists and act on their behalf, as an additional dynamic voice in discourses on cultural policy at the national level.

CyMIC is a full member of the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC)

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