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About us



The Organisation for European Programmes and Cultural Relations was established in 2020 by the decision of the Council of Ministers, with the aim of undertaking the management of European programs related to the field of culture, as well as the promotion of other related programs and actions. Therefore, the Organisation undertakes, among others, the management of the Contact Points for the "Creative Europe" and "Citizens, Equality, Rights, Values" Programs. Moreover, based on the relevant decision of the Council of Ministers, the Organisation undertakes the continuation of the actions related to the operation of the Cyprus Centre for Music Research, Innovation and International Networking.

The first Board of Directors of the Organisation was appointed in October 2020 and consists of the following:

Dr. Elena Theodoulou Charalambous


General Secretary

Christos Aspris


Financial Management Supervisor
Dr. Ioannis Savvidis


Maria Statioti
Dr. Emilios Solomou


The mission of the Organisation of European Programmes and Cultural Relations is to promote and disseminate contemporary Cypriot artistic creation, and to support the Cypriot cultural actors in the pursuit of their European and international ambitions.


The main objectives of the Organisation are the management of European programmes related to the field of Culture, the maximization of the absorption of European cultural funding resources, through the continuous support, training and empowerment of Cypriot artists and cultural actors, the professional development and strengthening of the competitiveness of cultural professionals, the training on issues related to cultural management, and the implementation of the national cultural policy in European and international affairs.

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