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New communication guidelines for project beneficiaries have been published

We are very pleased to inform you that new communication guidelines for project beneficiaries (English version) have been released and are available on the Publications Office website. The translated versions in all programme languages are under preparation, and you will receive them in March.The “How to communicate your project” guide aims to encourage beneficiaries of all DG EAC programmes, Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps and Creative Europe, to share their stories and project results with their local communities, stakeholders and EU Institutions and give access to a wide range of tools and resources to maximise projects’ promotion and dissemination of their results. It is a step-by-step guide accompanying project beneficiaries in all necessary communication phases, from planning to evaluating communication.

We hope you will find the guidelines useful and tailored to beneficiaries’ needs and that of course, you will enjoy them.

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